How does it work?

LumaRope utilises patented technology to store solar power during the day and use this during the night to light up the guy rope. It replaces existing tent guy ropes in a flash and helps make your campsite much safer at night. The end near the peg lights up extra bright so you can see it and it also has a reflective strand built in which lights up when a light is shone on it. LumaRope is completely safe to touch as it has no electricity running down the rope. Check out the gallery to see some photos of LumaRope in use!

Who is Prehoda Gear?

Offering the most innovative and must have camping products, we’re an Australian group who love the great outdoors. We’re not afraid to use life’s little hacks to ensure everyone is kept safe and our adventure is not cut short! We have some other products scheduled to be released in the coming months so watch this space!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LumaRope as strong as a normal guy rope?

Yes LumaRope is just as strong as similar conventional guy ropes.

Is LumaRope safe to touch?

LumaRope is not made of any dangerous chemicals and is safe to be touched.

Is LumaRope suitable for my Caravan or Camper Trailer?

Although we are confident that LumaRope would be up to the test we can not guarantee its performance in heavy duty applications.

Is it safe for LumaRope to be in the rain?

Yes, LumaRope can be left in the rain attached to your tent without any problems.

Is there any electricity travelling down LumaRope?

There is no electricity travelling down the rope, only the magic of light!

Do I have to switch LumaRope on when it gets dark?

No, LumaRope will turn on automatically when it senses darkness. There is an on/off switch which allows you to manually turn LumaRope off when packing up. This way it will store the remaining power to be used the next time LumaRope is used.

Does LumaRope come with a warranty?

Yes, LumaRope has a 12 month warranty.

Where can I use Lumarope?

LumaRope can be used on tents and shelters.

How long will LumaRope light up?

With a full charge LumaRope will run all night.

How do I make sure LumaRope shines all night?

Make sure that the solar panel receives as much sun as possible and faces towards the sun. Once pegged in, you can spin the black case to angle it towards the suns path.

Is there a heavy duty version I can order?

Yes! …But not yet. We are currently developing LumaRope HD which will be suitable for caravans, camper trailers and large or heavy canvas tents.