Frequently Asked Questions


Is LumaRope safe to touch?

The rope is not made of any dangerous chemicals and is safe to be handled.

Is it safe for the rope to be in the rain?

Yes, LumaRope can be left in the rain without any problems.

Is there any electricity travelling down the rope?

There is no electricity travelling down the rope.

Do I have to switch LumaRope on when it gets dark?

No, LumaRope will light up automatically when it senses darkness. There is an on/off switch which allows you to manually turn the light off when packing up, in order to use it the remaining power the next time LumaRope is used.

How long is LumaRope?

LumaRope is at least 2.2 meters long however can be extended longer if required by replacing the white rope section which attaches to your tent.

Does LumaRope come with a warranty?

Yes, LumaRope has a 12 month warranty.

Can the light be brighter?

Yes, the light can be made brighter however trialing the product has enabled the brightness to be set at a level that is clearly visible, but not so bright that it would impact sleeping. Please contact us if you have any feedback you wish to provide.

Is LumaRope as strong as a normal guy rope?

Yes LumaRope is just as strong as similar guy ropes.

How long will delivery take?

Items are usually dispatched on the same day and should take 3-7 days to arrive within Australia. International postage times can vary – please contact us for specific delivery times if required.

How much is delivery?

Delivery starts from as low as $8.30 within Australia. International rates can be reviewed from your cart page without any commitment to purchase.


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