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4 Pack of LumaRope guy ropes. Solar powered, light up guy ropes for tents and shelters

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Solar powered light up guy ropes. (4 ropes)

How many times have you, fellow campers or animals been tripped up by those pesky guy ropes used to tie down your tent or shelter? It seems that they are positioned as if to create a spider’s web at the front door and an obstacle course around the tent! At night they pose even more danger. Broken bones, nasty grazes and sprained wrists and ankles can turn a pleasant evening into an emergency situation.

It is for these reasons that LumaRope has been developed. It quickly and easily replaces any guy rope and when it senses darkness it turns on and illuminates itself so it can clearly be seen by fellow campers and animals.

There is no electricity travelling along the rope and no dangerous chemicals are used in the rope or case. The internal battery is charged via the solar panel making it convenient and environmentally friendly.

Each LumaRope is 2.2 meters long.

LumaRope – Keeping you safe from dusk till dawn!


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